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Outer side-hung window with upper solid

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Plastic Steel Windows And Doors Introduction: Plastic steel windows and doors is mainly made from polyvinylchloride (PVC) resin, adding a proportion of stabilizers,colorant,fillers,UV absorbers,etc. It comes out by extrusion and then it is made into windows and doors frame by cutting and welding. Finally,it is equipped with sealing strip,tops,hardwares,etc. If the profile exceeds a certain length,its cavity needs to be filled with steel liner (reinforcing rib),in order to enhance the rigidity of profile. This final product is called plastic steel windows and doors. Features of this type of windows and doors: beautiful and durable, low thermal conductivity, good sound insulation and leakproofness, strong corrosion resistance, high electrical resistivity. Ordinary plastic steel is affordable,economical,practical and has convenient after-sales service. Plastic steel windows and doors is classified according to the open manner: side-hung window, side-hung door, sliding window, sliding door, fixed window, etc.

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