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aluminum and wood composed efficient energy saving flat open inner reverse window

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Aluminum and wood composite windows and doors brief introduction:
The windows and doors which use wood frame profile as the force elementary profile, composite with aluminum profile, are called aluminum and wood composite windows and doors. This kind of windows and doors use structure style of exterior aluminum and interior wood. The glass is hollow tempered. They could increase sound insulation and sealing property, play the role of keeping heat preservation and insulation, and reduce the heat consumption. Make doors and windows of energy saving, environmental protection has been fully reflected.
In the face of consumers ’ demand for high-end products increasing sharp, aluminum and wood composite windows and doors have gradually become the new darling of the high-grade windows and doors.
The main structures of aluminum and wood composite windows and doors have two types:
Aluminum clad wood window: The main structure is purely wood. Setting a layer of aluminum alloyed profile outside using special technology can make shape aluminum clad wood window. This structure could strengthen weather resistance. The key characteristic is the perfect unity of the decoration and utility. Wood clad aluminum window: The main structure is break bridge aluminum alloyed window. Setting a layer of high quality pure wood outside using special technology can make shape wood clad aluminum window. It can perfectly remain the appreciation of beauty of wood windows, and increase the stiffness, weather resistance, and wind pressure.

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